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Our court-approved Parenting Classes provide parents with skills in self-management, non-punitive discipline, and confidence in mastering parenting skills. Instructors use Strength-based family curricula. We use hands-on activities to engage parents in practice. We include information on human rights, dignity and preparing children for school and civic engagement. Take one of two, 12-week parenting courses or the EXTENDED 24-week course.

Join the Fall Classes

Sign up for Fall classes in September. Classes will be held at the Roosevelt address with Dr. Mollie M. Hughes, and enhanced with online video lessons. The Breakthrough Learning Approach will be available for enrollment mid-September. Anger Management in late November. PLEASE CALL immediately for 206-931-6510 or email


Visitations are supervised at all times by qualified, professional, and experienced staff. Visits are in a large room at our Roosevelt facility. However some parents may prefer meeting at the Northgate Library and play area. We offer flexible schedules including weekends and evenings. We are sensitive to parents who cannot come into contact with one another\nso we assure safe and separate entrances and exits from the building and library areas. 206-931-6510

Dr. Mollie M Hughes Welcomes to Break Through Learning Center 206-931-6510

Breakthrough Parenting & Anger Management Classes: Available to all Parents

Supervised Visitation, Flexible Times, By Appointment

Parent Coaching, On & Off Site

NEWS!!! We are adding a new, blended classroom experience this Fall! Enroll and attend class, but do your course study on line. Very exciting videos and reference materials for parents will be accessed as soon as they enroll. Call us for information.



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